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Introducing Semaglutide Injections, a distinct class of weight loss medication. It stands as a revolutionary development in the field, designed to efficiently moderate your appetite, facilitating your march towards weight loss goals with potency and assurance.

With California Medical Group at your side, you have a steadfast ally in your weight loss journey. We are a well-established, full-service, Weight Loss Clinic in California offering only high quality products that are 97% pure. All our services are overseen by California Physicians and we support all our patients with weekly check-ins, meal plans, and more.

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“The staff is excellent and super professional and accommodating. I started semiglutide in the early summer and have lost 40 pounds. I feel so much happier and better about myself. It’s also helped me to build better habits. Highly recommend checking them out!"

“40 lbs! I’m a 55y/o male started in July at 224 lbs, and now I’m at 184lbs. I had high BP, high blood sugar, high cholesterol. Now all my Labs are perfectly normal and I’m off of all medication. I feel great, energy is up, and I look and feel way more healthy. Best thing I could ever have done."

“Fantastic experience for me. I’m losing weight and feeling great. I love the staff! They are caring sweet people. I’m always greeted with a smile and friendly face. I highly recommend, they will take excellent care of you."

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